I achieved
The impossible


Good afternoon,

My names Avi, im a 29 year old Mixed
Martial Arts practitioner. About 7 months ago
I had dislocated my shoulder while
practicing mixed martial arts and have been
feeling both pain and discomfort ever since,
until recently that is.

Luckily for me after many visits to the
Orthopedist and many failed attempts to
properly cure my pain ranging from simple
ice packs, wearing a splint for a couple
weeks and everything in between-i was
finally referred to Allcare Physical therapy.

At all care not only did they create a
program specifically to cater to my personal
needs, the program began taking effect on
day 1!. Although do understand that im
merely just beginning my road to recovery,
cannot be happier and more confident
entrusting Ofir and his highly trained staff to
rehabilitate to be a better and stronger martial artist.

Avi Unger

Great experience. I looked forward to going
to physical therapy every time had an
appointment. extremely professional every
staff member made you feel very
comfortable as they all addressed you by
your first name and made sure to try to get
to know each patient.

Ofir is a true gentleman and does amazing
work he is constantly on top of his game
and always looking for new ways to improve
and new techniques to help you build up
strength at a much faster rate than you

i had 2 shoulder injuries and every time i
showed up was greeted with a warm
welcome from Otr and he made it his
business to find a new technique every

I HIGHLY recommend ALLCARE and would
not even think of going elsewhere.

Ralph Shamula

I am 60 years old and feel like im young again
because of the results from this office. I was
here for 9 visits and this place is amazing. As
of tho 9th visit I fcol likc a new person. I came
in feeling really bad, with a cane and unable
to walk normal. Now I am able to walk like a
normal person without a cane and have no
pain. Before coming to this office I was
unable to walk and now can walk for a long
time without the need to call car service to
get me.

I have been to other offices before but they
are no comparison to this office. The staff is
great as soon as you walk in, from the front
desk staff to the physical therapy aides and
the physical therapist. They are very
knowledgeable and caring. This office treats
me as if i was family. Everyone is respectful
and willing to go the extra mile.

The physical therapist used a special
machine was amazing and I believed helped a
lot in my recovery. I tried everything possible.
Doctors would tell me that only surgery would
work and nothing else. I had shots but that
didn’t help solve my problem. I tried other
offices mainly in Manhattan where I used to
live and only this office helped me get back to
feeling the way I felt when was 30 years
young. Now I am able to go to the gym (which
i have not been able to before this office)!

Tatiana Mycak