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Neuro Corrective Training

Do It Yourself Pain Elimination for Life is here right now. Anytime and anywhere. Period

Pain is in the Brain: every single muscle and bone in your body is controlled by a nerve, and every single nerve is controlled by your brain.

It’s actually been proven through the latest neuroscience research that over 92% of the pain you feel is NOT caused by your bones or even your muscles that support
mechanical movement.

The primary component involved in the creation or elimination of Your Pain is Your Brain -via your Peripheral Nervous System.

so what does Your Brain have to do with WHY you may STILL BE FEELING PAIN such as [TINGLING, NUMBESS, BURNING, ACHING] or even WEAKNESS or HEAVINESS in your arms, legs, hands or feet?

There are at least two reasons WHY Your Brain is the key to Your Pain. One comes out of the fact that when you incur an injury, certain muscles literally shut down or become inhibited which naturally force other muscles and nerves to overwork -over compensate- and thereby produce stress within your Peripheral Nervous System. A second reason is because Your Brain’s default is ‘protection’ -protection at all costs to guard the body against the sensation of Pain. It gets stuck in this mode even after your specific painful area is completely healed. The Brain is committed to hold on to an old Pain Signal and it can only be RESET through your own, active, self-directed WILL to do so -to Break Through- and reset your Pain Signal to a Pain Free Signal.

Neuro Corrective Training is a unique Therapeutic Exercise Progression that YOU DO to target the stuck Pain Signal currently stored in Your Brain. By YOU actively doing the physical exercises customized to your specific needs yourself, you actually unlock Your Brain’s NeuroTag [still firing a Pain Signal from your now healed areal and reboot it to a Pain Free Signal -just like in a computer. What’s important to realize is simply this -YOU are the best cure for your pain. NCT requires action BY YOU FOR YOU and is not a passive experience where you rely upon others to transform your condition passively.

Literally speaking, through Neuro Corrective Training YOU rewire your own nervous system and remove PERMANENTLY the compensation patterns that are continuing to thwart your relief. The specific exercises we explain, demonstrate and coach you through, will authentically RESET Your Pain Signal and promote rapid recovery starting immediately, and continue to do so IF YOU CONTINUE doing the exercises.

Therefore, Neuro Corrective Training promotes 100% DIY Pure Pam Relief and Pain Elimination Without the use of MEDS or INJECTIONS Plus it PREVENTS THE NEED FOR SURGERY.