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Pain Diagnostics

Identifying the exact location of your pain -your Pain Origin- is the very first and most important step toward eliminating your pain for life.

Where most traditional Physical Therapists focus on alleviating only the Symptom of your pain, we begin the wellness process by pinpointing the exact Source of your pain. Through a highly detailed and thorough examination using Advanced Neurological Pain Science inputs, we’re able to assess the health of your entire body’s Peripheral Nervous System.

Why? Because we believe that any Pain stems from the healthy [or lack of healthy] functioning of your entire Peripheral Nervous System –no matter where it shows up as a symptom in your particular body area. Because your Peripheral Nervous System is so comprehensive, comprised of nerves that come out directly from the spinal cord and attach themselves to each and every muscle in your body, the entire system is compromised if even one body area is under threat. Therefore, we always initiate our collaborative working process with you, using a unique Neural Body Scan that provides us with a baseline overview of you.

In the rare cases that our Neuro Corrective Training augmented by our Osteopathic Manual Therapy method does not fully address your problem, we then administer an Electromyography Diagnostic Test [EMG]. We use the EMG Test to further isolate and measure the health of the specific nerve[s] involved in creating your Pain Signal. Through the use of this device we’re able to determine from the readings, in real time, the pressure level on this area causing the weakness, burning or pain in your muscles, revealing the true Source, of your pain or weakness.

The EMG Test is a highly reliable and safe test, and Dr. Ofir Isaac is one of only 300 Physical Therapists in the US certified to administer it, as well as interpret the results. Over the past 20 years, doctors from many New York area hospitals, including: Beth Israel Medical Center, New York University Medical Center and Maimonides Hospital have utilized Dr. Isaac’s EMG Test findings to expedite their patients’ recovery or complete pain elimination.