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Osteopathic & Neuro Fascial Manipulation

Osteopathy is a Hands-On Body Therapy that strategically targets Your Pain Origin to your body’s own ability to heal itself without meds, injetions or surgery.

Pain is defined as an emotional experience related to authentic or potential tissue damage. Pain is PERCIEVED by our Brain as a threat to our wellbeing. Many approaches that aim to heal pain using traditional passive remedies like heat. ice, local tissue massage, adjustments, traction machines or electrical/laser treatments have proven to give very short term relief of pain, but never bog term recovery in most cases,

Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a Hands on Mechanical Diagnostic Art designed to restore the relationship between BODY STRUCTURE and BODY FUNCTION. It utilizes unique neurtymuscular treatment methods that leverage the gentle manipulation of the joints, muscles, fascia and neural tissues to reinstate symmetry, mobility,
balance and tring pain free.

It is a unique branch of medical practice that places emphasis on the whole as a Functional System, and is based on the philosophy that LOAD, also known as pressure, within the transfers throughout our whole system via a kinetic chain of linked mechanical structures like our bones, nerves and muscles.

OMT requires at least 10 years to master and is not a course learned by traditional Physical Therapists. Our therapists are among a unique few in the Tristate area that have in this demanding field and it shows in our results with patients who come to us as a last resort to RESOLVE THEIR PAIN AND RECOVER AND HEAL.

You may have a sense that you’ve lost NeuroMuscular Control over a particular part of your body, or that it feels locked, stiff or even the fear of movement is very real. Osteopathic Manual Therapy is the distinct approach we use at ALLCARE to help restore your normal movement so you can perform at your highest level.