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Hey this is Dr. Isaac “Painfree Maverick” I just want to let you know that this is a great reference for you if you’re having a knee problem. Stop! Now read every word on this page because it may save you from getting a knee replacement one day… yes I mean that…


You’ve probably seen a knee Orthopedic…. did an x-ray already… had an MRI. Maybe you may have a meniscus tear on the MRI, or patellofemoral syndrome, kneecap rubbing, beginning with a click in the knee, maybe you are a runner… maybe your bodybuilder… maybe you do martial arts… a boxer… you do yoga…whatever.. even if you don’t do any of that.. maybe you play golf… I know you are here because you’re having knee pain and you have lost mobility and independence, and it’s killing you!

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I don’t know what to do… I’ve been told that I got to stop running, I have to stop playing golf, I have to stop bodybuilding , whatever it is you’ve been told … Even if you’re a crossfitter, this problem is very common amongst active and sedentary people. Relax, I have the right solution for you…


Wait! That’s why I wrote this free report here for you. When you learn that your knee is just the symptom of the real problem, you start worrying less and you can easily solve the real why. Many knee problems don’t come from the knee even though that’s what the MRI may show or your XRAY shows bone on bone. Your knee problem is actually comimg from something above or below the knee. Some joints are not moving above or below the knee. This could be your back… This could be your hip… could be your ankle… but the knee is just a shock absorber, and it sits between the hip and ankle and it supports the weight of your body. So if you’re hitting the ground wrong, if you’re running, or playing golf and twisting, playing basketball, whatever sport you do is all the same. Your shock absorber isn’t picking up the shock.


The Doctor told you, hey, this is inflamed, you have arthritis in there…. I want to let you know, over 92% of people out there who have x-rays and MRIs, don’t truly have arthritis causing the pain. Even if it shows up on MRIs … pain is caused by the nerve.


So when you download and read my FREE KNEE PAIN SOLUTIONS REPORT, I explain that it’s the nerve that’s driving the muscle, that makes the muscle connect with the bone and makes the bone move properly, is the real cause of your problem. When you solve that nerve problem, it’s amazing… your pain can go away like that in a snap!


Go ahead and click and grab the FREE REPORT.. if you’re skeptical… you’re not sure you’ve been told that nothing can help you and maybe surgery is the next step. I want to let you know pain free Maverick is a resource, before medications, injections and of course, before surgery. Go ahead read the report and then we can have a conversation.


You can call me for a phone discovery visit, or a live online consulting session where I can at least see what’s happening and give you direction… I can personally serve you thereafter if you decide my neurocorrective training method is for you. I am an international concierge neuromuscular therapist… which means I can come to you… I serve you personally in the New York or Miami area. If you’re struggling and you’re on the fence, if you don’t know what to do. and everyone’s telling you something else… let’s have a conversation on the phone. First download and read the free report, I will reveal some secrets they haven’t told you in the orthopedic world when they look over your MRI or XRAY…


If you want to know what it costs – and what availability I have in Miami NYC then please just click the button below and complete the short form:

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Please enjoy watching these videos of other people who decided to use the painfreemaverick for consulting and treatment – and left much healthier and happier within just a couple of weeks:

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