How to Fix your Lower Back Pain using exercise in Brooklyn,NYC

How to Fix your Lower Back Pain using simple exercise

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If you’re suffering from lower back pain, you’re not alone. It’s a surprisingly common problem which affects over 60% of Americans.

Why is it so widespread? Because there are certain things we all do wrong which can trigger lower back pain. Like lifting weights the wrong way in the gym, not paying attention to our posture while we’re running, forcing our bodies into incorrect yoga poses or sitting hunched over a desk all day. Unfortunately.

Luckily, you can figure out exactly what’s wrong with your back by trying one of these two simple self-tests. Have a read through both to see which one applies to you, and what next steps you should take (scroll to the end of this post for a shareable version):

1) If you’re between the ages of 15 – 47 years old…

You’re feeling pain: Across your lower back, sometimes into your butt (off to one side) and maybe passing down your leg.

This is the self-test exercise you need to try:

back reset part 1 Place your hands at the base of your spine, on your buttocks.
back reset part 2 Then lean back as far as you can – even if you feel stiffness, restriction, or more pain in your lower back

Repeat this exercise a few times. You’ll feel the pain move away from your leg, into your buttock, higher up into your back and then across your back.

If this exercise made the pain disappear: your lower back pain is most likely being caused by either a disk or a muscular imbalance in your lower back. And you’ll need to get this corrected to eliminate your pain for good, so consider booking a chiropractor appointment or a remote telehealth consultation with us.

2) If you’re aged 50 plus – or you tried the previous exercise and felt no relief…

You’re feeling pain: In one leg, perhaps traveling down your leg and into your foot (for anyone below the age of 65). Or in both thighs, down your buttocks, all the way into your calves, and maybe a tight squeezing feeling when you’re walking (for anyone aged 65 plus).

Try this self-test exercise:

demo of self test for lower back pain-grabbing calves Stand with your feet spread apart.

Then take your hands, put them behind your calves, and grab the back your calves…

grabbing ankles Slide your hands all the way down your legs, curling your body forwards, to grab your ankles.

Then straighten back up and repeat!

If you feel relief from your pain after this exercise: the reason for your lower back pain is most likely lumbar stenosis, aka arthritis. But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for surgery! You can cure your pain without surgery by booking a chiropractor appointment.

If you’re looking for support or advice on natural ways to get rid of any pain you’re currently experiencing, I’m here for you. Just reach out to

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Fix lower back pain using exercise