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Eliminate Pain at Home with a Neurological Reset

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April 2, 2020
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Are you struggling with pain? Do you have stiffness in your neck or back that lasts all day? Or feeling as if your joints are “locked up” and your movement is restricted?

From knees to neck, back to hips, you can get rid of your pain quickly, safely, and at home with neurological resetting.

What Is Neurological Resetting?

To understand neurological resetting, we first have to explain a little more about pain itself.

Most of what we experience as pain is not coming from the injured area; our concept of pain comes from how our brain receives signals from our body. In other words, if you feel pain in your shoulder, you aren’t exactly feeling pain in your shoulder. Instead, your shoulder sends signals to your brain that there’s something wrong, and your brain interprets those signals as pain.

When you experience pain, you’re experiencing your brain’s reaction – large or small – to the signals the rest of your body sends.

To help your brain slow down its analysis that there’s something wrong with your shoulder, for example, you have to reset your brain. Neurological resetting is re-training your brain by pushing your sore body part past its pain threshold to help your brain interpret a lower degree of pain.

What Are Some Neurological Reset Exercises I Can Do?

To properly reset your brain, be sure to perform these exercises as fully as you can without injuring yourself further. You need to push your body past its pain threshold (the normal point where you would stop moving) to reset your brain.

For best results, perform these exercises once per hour until your pain decreases. You should feel significant relief within the first few repetitions of these exercises!

Back Reset #1

Put both hands on your lower back. Lean as far backward as you can, without falling over, toward the side where you’re experiencing pain. Slowly stand upright and repeat as necessary.

Lumbar Side Glide

Stand with the side of your body that’s in pain facing a flat surface, such as a wall. Place your nearest hand on the flat surface, about chest-high, and your other hand on your hip.

Lean your hips in toward the flat surface, pushing in as far as you can without losing your balance.

Thoracic Reset

Stand facing a flat surface, such as a wall or tree, keeping some distance between your feet and the surface. Place your folded arms against the surface, leaning into them. Arch your back as far as you can toward the side where you’re feeling pain, and release. Repeat as necessary.

Skilled Physiotherapy in Brooklyn, NY

Living with pain is something no one should have to do. With these at-home exercises, paired with expert physiotherapy treatment when necessary, you can live a pain-free life!

Contact me, Dr. Ofir Isaac, the PainFree Maverick. I can help you find the source of your pain and get rid of it, once and for all.