Effective Exercise to Relieve Hip Pain in Brooklyn,NYC

Strange and Effective Exercise to Relieve Hip Pain

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Our lifestyles are forcing us to spend endless hours in a sitting position, and thus hip pain has become a common complaint affecting people of all ages. It especially becomes a nightmare when the pain in your hips prevents you from running errands or enjoying long walks with the family.

Are you experiencing this as well? Do you feel pain when walking? Do you sometimes have to sit down due to a throbbing ache in your hip? Walking is a great exercise, but what do you do when it hurts as you walk?

Fortunately, there is a simple fix. An easy exercise that works on your gluteus maximus muscle, which is the main muscle that helps when walking and running. This simple squeezing exercise will relieve any hip joint pain you are suffering.

What Causes Hip Joint and Muscle Pain?

The muscles of the hip include the hip flexor and the gluteus maximus muscles. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle and the primary driver of movement in the hip. It is the muscle known as the buttock muscle.

Hip pain

The gluteus maximus muscle or buttock muscle

As we grow older, and especially as we sit for extensive amounts of time during the day, our bodies become accustomed to that seated position. Because of this, we develop bad posture, causing the body to slump over as we’re working.

The consequence of this slumping? Our hip flexor muscles, which are located at the front of our hips, get really tight, while the muscles in the back, our buttock or gluteus maximus muscles, become longer and stretched out like a rubber band.

Hip flexor

Hip flexor muscles

When you do get up to walk, which will inevitably make you use both those muscles, guess what the problem will be?

Your buttock muscles, sort of having been neglected, because the hip flexors received most of the energy while you were seated, get pressured to perform, and this results in pain.

This Simple hip pain relief Exercise Will Activate the Muscles of Your Gluteus Maximus

It is a funny exercise, but if you perform it, you will see results soon. The results are amazing and can be a life changer for you. In addition, this exercise will help you with lower back pain.

Here’s how to do the exercise.

Hip pain relief exercise When standing up, imagine your heels are digging down into the ground. Push down hard with your heels, like you’re going to make a hole in the ground.
Hip pain Relieve Exercise Spread your knees apart and imagine trying to open up your knees outward. To make it simple imagine your kneecaps are like headlights, and you need to turn those headlights outward.

Do this exercise, bend down slightly, turning your kneecaps outward, while digging your heels into the ground. You will experience a squeeze in your buttock muscles.

Just keep that stance, squeezing your butt, and you’re going to feel that whole area tightens up.

What this exercise does is activate the muscles of the gluteus maximus, which is the important muscle I was telling you about, that helps you with walking, running and standing for long periods of time.

This muscle also supports your hip muscles. Doing this exercise will take the pressure off the hip flexor, or the other muscles that causes the pain.

You can also watch the video for a demonstration.

If other parts of your body are also causing you pain, have a look at some of the other guides and step-by-step stretching exercises on our website.

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