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Do You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed ailments. For some reason, online diagnosis tools latched onto it and pushed awareness without explaining the other problems that can cause similar symptoms.

Luckily, there’s a super quick 30-second test that doesn’t just help you diagnose carpal tunnel system in your wrists but helps relieve the tingling, numbing sensation.

But first…

What Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Feel Like?

Carpal tunnel happens when a nerve (the median nerve) is compressed in your wrist, at the carpal tunnel. And it results in a tingling, numbing sensation in three fingers, especially on the palm side.

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That’s not to say the pain cannot be on the top of your hand, but mainly on the palm side.

One of the most common feelings is the tingling of the tips of your fingers, especially when you’re sleeping at night. So you feel like you need to get up out of bed and shake out your hands!

How to Tell if You have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most often, carpal tunnel is in both hands, although one is often worse than the other. And there is a chance that carpal tunnel can come from neck pain, not true carpal tunnel syndrome. But the real test takes just 30 seconds.

Take the hand that tingles more, the worse of the two, and place it in front of you just like you were handing a friend something with an open palm.
carpal tunnel exercises Then take your other hand and place it on top of that hand so your palms are facing each other.
carpal tunnel exercises Straighten out your elbow completely and then push down with your top hand, folding your bottom hand back towards the ground. Repeat it 7 or 8 times as far down as you can go.

You’re going to feel tingling. That’s absolutely normal! You’re stretching out that Carpal Tunnel nerve so it’s going to tingle a bit.

Do this exercise a few times during the day. If you go to sleep without any tingling or numbing AND sleep through the night without that tingling or numbing, most likely it was carpal tunnel syndrome.

But if it didn’t help, then the chances are that your symptoms were caused by something else. And most of the time that’s your neck. Nerves in your neck can become trapped, causing burning and tingling sensations in your arm and hand.

And to find out if your carpal tunnel comes from your neck, there’s another simple test, which we talk about in this article.


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